E & P was born out of the need for a truly empowered yet exceedingly competent law firm within the World legal society.

The Firm is premised on fundamental synergies: a common vision to develop a superior and diversified law firm offering specialised knowledge and unparalleled personalised service coupled with an unwavering emphasis on delivering a total value added product within the context of a free globally incorporated World.

Keys to success

  • Excellence in fulfilling the promise – completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy, expertise and information.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the visibility of the Firm as a shining beacon in the Nigeria legal fraternity.
  • Leveraging from a vast pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities, including consulting, project consulting, regulatory and market research, and the interpretation and actualisation of the law within a Nigerian and global perspective.
  • Providing optimal solutions strengthened by longstanding relationships with our clients.
  • Intimate understanding of our clients businesses and strategic objectives.
  • Unwaveringly upholding the ethical standards of the profession whilst simultaneously contributing to the positive development of the legal society as a whole.
  • Promoting the implementation of the latest available technology on an ongoing basis. Ensuring that the Firm’s personnel at every contact are developed to the maximum possible level, firm in our belief that the inherent potential of all of us is just waiting to be realised and actualised.