The firm is 100% owned and managed by indigenous partners who conducts business under the auspices of an incorporated company registration in accordance with Nigerian law.

The organogram of the Firm (in PDF format) may be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlink provided. www

We are of the humble opinion that we have achieved a perfect working model, capable of seamless human resource and capital infrastructure enhancement to cope with anticipated growth. We believe that the appointment of highly qualified staff working closely together and being accountable to each other, together with the implementation of a performance-based remuneration criterion has resulted in remarkable standards of service delivery, and positions the Firm within the top echelons of the legal fraternity.


We, from time to time, make donations to:

o Shelters for homeless children;
o Old age homes ;
o HIV/AIDS projects;
o Arts and culture projects;
o Disaster relief funds; and
o Prisons.

The partners and professional staff also render pro-bono services to under- privileged members of society, giving them access to the law when under normal circumstances such access will be denied to them.

As a firm we are obliged to ensure the development of a sustainable skills base which would not only benefit us but also the country, and we undertake to uphold our mandate to empower the future legal minds of the country for as long as we are able.

We have an in-house program called “Continuing Legal Education” which is conducted once a week in terms of which all members of the professional staff present a topic on their specific area of expertise. In this way, we are constantly up to date with the latest developments in the law.

The Firm also fully finances further studies being undertaken by our professional staff, as we are of the view that the success of the Firm is intrinsically linked to the development of the individuals who form the framework of the Firm.